The Honor Window is a tool with broad applications for human development, conflict resolution, visionary leadership and more. It is currently being used by trainers, therapists, consultants and coaches around the world in different formats for different purposes. With the formation of this web site, it is our intention to make it easily available to the public.

While the Honor Window can be used by anyone for a quick breakthrough in one’s experience or relationship, the context and spirit in which it is utilized can be far more powerful than the method itself. Experiencing the Honor Window with a masterful facilitator, for example, who is powerfully stand for you during a sacred honor ceremony such as a VisionForce iStand, presents a far deeper experience of the process. Experiencing the Honor Window as part of an initiation into a new way of being, or at least in a sacred and deeply honoring context multiplies the power of the tool.

However, even if the tool is¬†downloaded online and self-learned, it can be¬†immediately powerful in the hands of any facilitator, trainer, therapist, coach or leader who has extensive experience working with people in an an honoring way. It is valuable in the hands of change agents, leaders and lone visionaries around the world, who need next level tools to bring about change. So, with this web site, we offer the Honor Window to individuals who dare to “be the change they seek” in the world–right now.


The Honor Window originated by Michael Ivan Skye in the fall of 2003 following a research and development event attended by close associates and advocates of his growing body of work. Michael explains how he was confronted by his then girlfriend and long-time event facilitation partner, Deborah York.

Deborah told me she felt I was judging her, and she asked me to tell her explicitly what my judgments of her were. So, I began to explicitly list judgments of her that I’d withheld. As I did this I had the experience of a wall coming down in front of me, a wall of false perception, and before me was a woman I didn’t know. In that moment I sensed her pain and experience, having been judged by me and feeling completely unseen by me for some time.

It was like a revelation to me. I believe she may have asked me in regard to my judments, ‘Can you see what I’ve been standing for?’ And I could. And she’d been standing for me, for herself, for our work even in the face of feeling judged and unseen by me. I went from feeling disconnected and better than her, to humbled and inspired by her in just a few short minutes.

We had an 8-day Wealth Creator Boot Camp coming up in a few weeks, followed by a 3-day Wealth Warrior Boot Camp, and I delivered this judgment transcending and intimacy generating experience as a tool at both of these events. We called it the Judgment Window for five or six years, and have now shifted to calling it the Honor Window.

The Honor Window is now a fundamental part of our iStands, as well as our relationship and marriage support programs, and more. We’ve also been training people to facilitate this process for others with our Honor Window Mastery program, and now we’re offering it to the world via this web site.

It is our intention to offer this tool and related training in various multi-media formats right here on HonorWindow.com

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