“Michael’s work is absolutely life-changing!”

I truly believe that Michael has created something quite extraordinary in his work, something that sets him apart from “the rest”. His processes are simple and deep. Structured and loving. Logical and deeply spiritual at the same time. In my opinion, this is cutting edge experiential development at it’s best!

His [Honor Window] allowed me the gift of understanding another person’s point of view in such a profound way, that hostility and fear was dissolved – permanently. Where I was feeling pain and hurt, by ‘experiencing’ the way my own unconscious judgement ‘labels’ have been hurting my husband, I was able to drop them and move beyond. And having made that move, I can continue to take myself to that place of understanding and compassion – Michael sums it up beautifully by calling it ‘honour’…

This work can (and does) change the way we view ourselves and each other – and I truly believe that this life-changing work can truly change our world for the better.