Personal Growth

We’ve used the Honor Window in various formats, which tend to result in deep personal growth for individuals. One example is Michael’s new When Truth Meets Desire retreats, in which Honor Windows with parents (especially Mother) are powerful to uncover our repressed and suppressed emotional truths, expression and desires. Here’s a comment from a recent When Truth Meets Desire weekend retreat in Australia:

“Thank you so much for the fantastic weekend. Sunrise will always remind me of you! It was lovely to see you and I am just buzzing with excitement. I feel I really have gone deeper than I have every gone before and begun to really heal those deep hurts that have been blocking me for so long. You have an amazing gift. I feel so humbled and blessed by your generosity and kindness of spirit. I am in awe of how you are able to try new things. To put your self in vulnerable positions and come through it with even more dignity. The way you support and feel empathy for our weaknesses is incredible. You really are an amazing man. Thank you! Thank you!” – Tracey Dylan, Australia

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