Romantic Relationship

Transforming Your Romantic Relationship(s)

If you’ve experienced any challenges in your current or former romantic relationships (who hasn’t?), you can use the Honor Window and related processes to radically transform your experience of your relationships, and the relationships themselves. Don’t be surprised if the people you’re in relationship with transform as well.

Example: A single woman transforming her relationships with men. Here are possible subjects for her Honor Windows:

  • Father – Our fathers tend to be our relationship to the masculine, and on some level, to all men. The kind of men that show up, how they show up and how she relates to them is greatly influenced by the relationship to father. Note: She can go through this process for her own sake (and the sake of ALL men in her life), whether or not she wants an interactive relationship with her father.
  • Mother – Her judgments of her mother limit her character and personality today in ways that she doesn’t realized. Both the kinds of men she attracts and the way that men relate to her tend to be greatly influenced by a woman’s relationship to her mother. Note: As is the case with any Honor Window relationship, she can go through this process for her own sake, whether or not she wants an interactive relationship with her mother.
  • First Love – Judgment walls arise the most in the relationships in which we have been most vulnerable. Her first love relationship qualifies, as does any very significant romantic relationship with a man.
  • Former Husbands/Boyfriends – Generally, the longer and deeper the past romantic relationships have been, the more important it is to transform the relationship.
  • Other Very Significant Men – Grandfathers, stepfathers, older brothers, religious authorities and any other men who played an important role in her life.
  • God – To the extent that she envisions God as a male authority figure, an Honor Window with God could make a significant impact, much like an Honor Window with her father.

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